Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blog for E-commerce

My E-Commerce lecturer (Faisal Zulhumadi)
ever said about our assignment :

"You need to view this assignment from one of two perspectives.

Perspective 1: view it as just getting marks, so the information, the products, the graphics, and the ENTIRE blog would be 100% fabricated or fiction. It would be just believable as an e-commerce website with or without the actual product being in your possession. However, if you take the second perspective...

Perspective 2: view it as a possible business or side-income. I would recommend you do extra work, such as sourcing out suppliers, calculating appropriate prices for an acceptable profit, establishing logistics, and other matters in order to run it as a business. The more effort and care you put into planning it, the greater the chance for you to maintain the 'assignment' long after you graduate."

So I choose the Perspective 2. In order to get a high marks, i'll get the side income; or maybe it will become future income. Who knows??

Qeeta kongsi warna mata,tp x warna hati..

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